About Bushstock Music Festival

Bushstock Music Fest is a three day outdoor celebration of music located along Norfolk County’s South Coast at Lakeside Vista. The founders of Bushstock, and owners of Lakeside Vista–Ryan and Lisa VandenBussche–having been hosting this event as a private family/friend event since 2011. Now, with the proper zoning in place, Bushstock is open to the public.

Bushstock Summer Music Festival

Bushstock Mission & Values

Create experiences of discovery and learning by celebrating people and music, honouring authenticity, and celebrating diversity.

Vision Statement
Bushstock will create a more vibrant and caring world by promoting altruism, equality, environmentalism, and peacemaking in every aspect of its work.

The Bushstock Community Music Festival celebrates creativity through artistic expression, community engagement, and environmental stewardship. Bushstock planners collaborate with others in an effort to build something greater. This new venue will cherish the culture of volunteerism and generosity of spirit that make Norfolk County unique. All proceeds are reinvested into getting more instruments into local youth’s hands via school programs.

Bushstock strives to inspire and engage its community by presenting strong and diverse talent, nurturing creativity, and promoting artistic freedom.

Bushstock is welcoming, safe, accessible, and respectful.


If you would like to volunteer for the weekend please contact Laurie Ball.

Band Submissions

If you would like your band to play at Bushstock 2018 please contact Live From The Dutch Hall.